Positive Psychology and Resilience – #5

Positive Psychology on Today FM

Host: Conall Ó Móráin

Interviewee: Jolanta Burke

Show: Sunday Business Show on Today FM

Duration: 00:06.00


Resilience and the ability to “bounce back” are the topics of discussion on Today FM’s Sunday Business Show.

Conall Ó Móráin speaks with PhD researcher and Trinity College Dublin positive psychology lecturer, Jolanta Burke, on optimism.

Particularly in the work environment, maintaining a positive outlook and attitude can be difficult to maintain.

Before her academic career, Jolanta worked in business and made significant observations on the benefits of promoting optimism as opposed to positivity.

According to Burke, encouraging people to look on the bright side and be resilient actually causes their well-being to moderately drop.

In this radio segment, Burke proposes that companies alternatively promote optimism among their employees.

I particularly liked how Ó Móráin was able to offer an input and how, in turn, it wasn’t a one-sided discussion.

The topic of work morale may not appear to relate to all listeners but the information and advice Burke offers in applicable in life as well as work.

In its entirety, I found this podcast to be compelling and well-constructed.

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